NZ Food and Grocery Council and ASN Media Continue Partnership with Season Two of ‘Shared Horizons’ docuseries

The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council (NZFGC) is pleased to announce the continuation of its successful partnership with global content creation and engagement company ASN Media for the second season of the online content series ‘Shared Horizons.’

Building on the positive reception of the inaugural season, ‘Shared Horizons’ will once again explore the key issues facing the food and grocery industry in Aotearoa New Zealand, showcasing the latest innovations and best practices from across the sector. The docuseries explores the depth, diversity, and ingenuity of the Aotearoa New Zealand food and grocery sector while considering the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry.


The second season will focus on Sustainability, Skills and Talent, the Future of Manufacturing, and Reformulation and Innovation. Through documentary-style sponsored content and editorial features, ‘Shared Horizons’ will offer a comprehensive look at the industry’s efforts to address these critical areas.


Raewyn Bleakley, Chief Executive of NZFGC, said “Building on the success of our first Shared Horizons docuseries, the second season furthers the objective to capture insights from our Kiwi industry leaders, sharing their knowledge and expertise, as well as being an opportunity to highlight inspirational success stories – showing us the journey of how number eight wire evolves to lead industry innovation.


“Shared Horizons features some of the very best in the industry. In our first season we looked at a number of stories, such as the University of Otago programme up-recycling food waste, how Plant Protector’s Woolpack is diverting a resource destined for landfill into an insulation packaging source, and how innovative reformulation enabled Kellanova to lower sugar content while keeping breakfast just as delicious – real success stories and we’re delighted to be seeking more.”


Jonathan Love, Director of ASN Media, added: “We are delighted to continue our collaboration with the NZFGC for the second season of ‘Shared Horizons.’ The food and grocery industry is constantly evolving, and this series provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the sector’s resilience, creativity, and commitment to sustainability and excellence. We are excited to bring more compelling stories to the forefront and foster meaningful discussions on the key issues facing the industry.”


The second season of ‘Shared Horizons’ is set to launch on November 12, 2024 at the NZFGC Annual Conference, followed by a comprehensive digital marketing campaign to promote the series.

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About NZFGC:

The New Zealand Food and Grocery Council is the industry association representing the major manufacturers, producers, and suppliers behind New Zealand’s food, beverage, and grocery brands. Our members supply products that consumers purchase from the supermarket shelves every day, as well as being significant exporters. The sector generates more than $40 billion in domestic retail sales and $34 billion in export revenue, representing 65% of total merchandise exports and 46% of total goods and services exports.

About ASN Media:

ASN Media is a global content creation and engagement company committed to creating positive change by connecting people with inspirational content and ideas. Through their ASN Industry Stories, they empower associations to amplify their reach and voice. ASN Media employs digital marketing, observational-documentary expertise, and the latest technologies to provide engaging video content that influences industry leaders, fosters meaningful discussions, and cultivates positive change.



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