The Safety Working Group is a joint working group of suppliers and retailers, all with a committed focus on improving safety in their workplace and across the industry, promoting a Zero Harm culture, and collaborating, educating and executing best-practice behaviours that reduce risk




Deepen leaders’ understanding and the importance of their commitment to a Zero Harm culture – seminars to target the senior leaders (CEO/MD/Country Managers/Sales Directors/Operations Directors). Integrate Zero Harm thinking into our way of working – meaningfully represented at all business engagements and reviews within the industry and measure commitment transparently.


Create opportunities for H&S experts across sales, manufacturing, logistics (suppliers and retailers) to get together to learn from each other and work on collective industry solutions.


Help establish common practices to support a Zero Harm culture. Align and roll out common induction templates, drive compliance of SISP.


Support industry improvement via facilitation of training/seminars/case studies. Create education on the highest common risks and how to reduce/eliminate. Facilitate best-practice sharing seminars. Provide information on training providers.


Coordinated communication via FGC suppliers and retailers, especially on high risks. Align on proven practice communication in-store and on-site (signage, notice boards etc, so one complete message reducing complexity and mixed messaging). Share examples of incidents and accidents, and so learning across industry. Develop a way of measuring progress

Activities and events

Organising activities and events targeted at CEOs/GMs and safety managers. The group will be targeting the overlapping PCBU areas, and in particular manual handling (merchandisers in store) and transport and mobile equipment (transport companies delivering and unloading as well as merchandisers/reps being around forklifts).