Barker’s, T&G Global win at NZ Food Awards

FGC congratulates members Barker’s of Geraldine and T&G Global for their success at the NZ Food Awards. Barker’s won a category for the third year in a row, this year with their Squeezed Fruit Botanicals Syrup: Squeezed Lemons with Lime, Cucumber and Mint. T&G Global won their category with their innovative low-calorie potatoes.

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Manufacturers put huge effort into reformulation

Manufacturers put huge effort into removing sugar, fat, and salt from food and beverage products, says Katherine Rich. ​"Blaming the environment for obesity only takes you so far. Many people live in the same environment and aren't obese, which indicates food selection, genetics, and activity levels are key factors as well."

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Seminar on industry data

FGC’s Health & Technical Working Group is finalising details for a lunchtime seminar on data – big and small – and how it is being used to advantage for the food industry. It will be held in Auckland on 23 November at Goodman Fielder. Registrations will open shortly.

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Food and Fibre Innovation 30 Nov

MPI’s 2017 Food and Fibre Innovation Conference will be held on 30 November in Wellington. ‘Innovation – from Vision to Action’, will focus on how a business engages in innovation across its supply chain, from inputs through to how products are processed, packaged, distributed and consumed.

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