The untimely death of beloved satirist John Clarke had many people reaching into record collections, scouring bookshelves, and searching YouTube to refresh memories of a fine talent lost.

In 2012, the NZ Food and Grocery Council held its annual conference in Melbourne. The MC for the two days was Fraser, the doyen of New Zealand broadcasters. We remain in Ian’s debt. Having been a close friend of John Clarke for many decades, Ian convinced his dear friend to join him onstage for a personal interview.

What followed was a special moment in time with two New Zealand icons. This three-part interview has not been previously shared, but it’s such a special conversation between two dear friends that we thought now was the appropriate time to do so. In it, Clarke talks about his family, his life, growing up in New Zealand, and all things Palmerston North.

FGC is based in Wellington but we don’t have the editing skills of Peter Jackson, so bear with us. It’s a long interview, but for true fans of John Clarke, it’s a wonderful insight into the man. A special thanks to Ian Fraser.

View the series on our YouTube channel here