In actively engaging in the promotion and support of the work by members to deliver health & wellness across the New Zealand population, NZFGC member companies start their health & wellness programmes ‘at home’ by implementing employee health & wellness programmes.

Value Proposition for Employee Health & Wellness

As a result of the survey undertaken by NZFGC in 2014 on Employee Health & Wellness programmes, an issue emerged that some companies were interested in the value proposition for such programmes.

The following is a selection of articles on this topic.

What winning at wellness looks like, by Mark McGraw: discusses the US Chamber of Commerce Winning at Wellness Report (Mar 2016) which is designed to “demystify” health promotion initiatives, looking at some of the “fundamentals of workplace wellness programs,” and which sets out “10 Essential Steps in Designing a Workplace Wellness program”.

Winning at Wellness Report, US Chamber of Commerce. Covers US employer best practices and design of wellness programmes, the win-win strategy of wellness programmes and wellness incentives.

A Guide to Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Healthy employees are productive employees

Regional Public Health

This practical resource has been developed to assist workplaces to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. It provides a step by step guide, tools and examples of how to implement a health and wellness programme in the workplace and provides all the necessary steps for a well-designed, comprehensive and effective programme that supports employees to lead a healthy lifestyle. The resource includes how to get started, implement and evaluate a health and wellness programme.

Practitioners and Resources for Health & Wellness

The following (alpha order) provides a selection of practitioners in Health & Wellness who might be able to help companies get started. NZFGC takes no responsibility for their service but simply provides the links as options. Further suggestions are included in the Regional Public Health publication: A Guide to Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace: Healthy employees are productive employees

Regional Public Health

ACC resources (various)

Active Smart provides free online and customised training plans designed by experts to suit your fitness goals. It gives you the ability to tailor your fitness plan, give training alerts, up to date weather forecasts, a training journal, calendar and the ability to track your progress. HabitAtWork is an educational tool promoting self-help and problem solving for preventing and managing discomfort, pain and injury. Work Smart Tips is a free online tool that lets you customise health and safety and wellness information (or ‘smart tips’) specific to your workplace, employees, and colleagues. The Discomfort, Pain and Injury Programme has been ACC’s approach to addressing musculoskeletal issues in the workplace. It provides tools, information and training for those responsible for workplace health and safety, and also for professionals who work in health, injury prevention and injury management.

Arthritis New Zealand

Cancer Society Get the tools – Cancer Society 

Catalyst Risk Management: Has developed a range of support services designed to offer organisations tailored workplace health solutions in addition to claims and injury management services. Our goal is to assist organisations to improve the physical health of their employees, improve productivity and support workplaces to achieve health and wellbeing objectives. Tel: 0800 835 586

Compass Health: Diabetes education; Nutrition and physical activity for health; Health screening and wellness education’; GP enrolment waiting list assistance; Links to nurses and primary mental health teams; Population Health Team. Tel: (04) 801 7808

Diabetes Wellington

Greater Wellington Regional Council: Can provide tools and resources all year round to help workplaces promote walking and cycling to staff; Can support workplaces with workplace travel plans and sustainable transport initiatives

Health and Productivity Institute of New Zealand

Health Promotion Agency

Heart Foundation:

Heartbeat Challenge – Auckland Regional Public Health Service 

Kites: Provides information on mental health and addiction services in the Wellington region as well as supports people with mental health and addiction problems. Tel: (04) 384 3303 Email:

Mental Health Foundation

Sport Wellington: Offers stand-alone onsite programmes, such as workplace wellness sessions or days. These onsite programmes can also be linked to events, such as employee training programmes for our signature Wellington event, AMI Round the Bays, or conferences. Tel: (04) 380 2070 or 027 230

Te Awakairangi Health Network (Hutt Valley based): Group nutrition education workshops, Group cooking programmes, Diabetes or cardiovascular education, Advice around workplace canteens or cafeterias, Education about workplace resilience and positive mental health, Workplace education about easy ways to keep moving, Workplace activity plans Tel: (04) 576 8602

Wellington City Council, Hutt City Council, Upper Hutt City Council, Porirua City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council

Workfit – Sport Hawkes Bay

WorkWell – Toi Te Ora Public Health Service

Survey of Employee H&W Programmes

FGC surveyed members in March 2015 to determine the extent of employee health & wellness programmes in member companies. Key highlights were:

  • Food and grocery companies are strongly supportive of their employees through a range of health & wellness programmes
  • Employee enthusiasm for programmes varies for a range of reasons
  • Size of company is no indicator of extent of programmes
  • Programmes reflect the expected as well as the inventive that supportive companies working with employees can generate.

Survey results