FGC is continuing to work on CO2 impacts and long-term options as Todd Energy’s Kapuni production plant returns from its scheduled shutdown.

Thanks to members’ participation in our survey on the shortage, we have been able to give government officials a list of the impacts it is having on businesses.

Since then, and following our letter on behalf of other peak bodies to the Government in January offering to work with them to look at options and suggesting a taskforce be set up to explore them, we are continuing to work with officials to find solutions to secure a more reliable supply.

Todd Energy says production of liquid CO2 at Kapuni, New Zealand’s only production facility, which is currently running at 30% of capacity, will resume in three stages:

  1. Mid-March – production resumes after a three-week statutory shut-down
  2. End of April – production back to 50%
  3. End of the year – full production expected to have resumed

See a graphic on the Kapuni gas and CO2 production process here.