The New Zealand International Business Forum has released a video series that highlights how trade matters and how it impacts on the everyday lives of all New Zealanders.

The five two-minute videos comprise trade and business experts talking about different aspects of trade.

Klazien Voogt, Fonterra trade strategist, talks about why trade matters for young New Zealanders and why we should all pay attention.

Malcolm Bailey, Chairman of the NZ Dairy Companies Association, talks about why trade matters for every day Kiwis from all over the country and in all sorts of jobs.

Michael Barnett, CEO of Auckland Chamber of Commerce, talks about why trade matters globally for New Zealand businesses.

Sir Graeme Harrison, chairman of Anzco Foods, talks about why trade matters for working New Zealanders and keeping jobs and families thriving.

Catherine Beard, Executive Director of ExportNZ, talks about why trade agreements matter for a small country like New Zealand and the impact it has on all Kiwis.

For further information on the series, go to the TradeWorks website.