Supermarkets are now required to display unit pricing on grocery products. The change applied from the end of August.

Consumer Affairs Minister Duncan Webb said the new regulations will make it easier for consumers to compare product prices.

Supermarket will be required to “clearly and consistently” display unit pricing, by weight, volume, or number.

“New unit pricing regulations are a step forward in the Government’s wider work to increase competition in the retail grocery sector. This helps make working out whether tomatoes are cheaper at $6.99 per 500g punnet, $10.49 for a 700g bag, or $11.99 a kilo so much easier for Kiwi shoppers.”

He said unit pricing will support inter-brand competition and encourage grocery retailers to compete on best value for money, “benefitting customers in the long term”.

“This will help Kiwis to make informed choices to suit their needs while shopping. This is particularly helpful where products are sold in different sized packaging and by various brands.”

While the regulations come into force on 31 August, there will be a transitional period before compliance is mandatory, providing retailers time to put the required systems in place.