FMCG Business Magazine June Column: Taking on FMCG talent of tomorrow

Raewyn Bleakley, Chief Executive

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Taking on FMCG Talent of Tomorrow, this Summer!

Championing FMCG to attract and retain top-tier talent is something members often raise with me as central to NZFGC’s role as an industry association. To contribute to this, we have proudly been supporting the FMCG Futures Summer Interns’ programme since its inception. The programme which is delivered as a joint initiative by BizAdviser and Talent Solutions, was developed as a direct result of NZFGC’s Talent Working Group members identifying the lack of awareness of FMCG in job seeking graduates and the need for a pipeline into our exciting industry. Employer registrations are now open for the 2024/25 Summer, and we are on the lookout for forward-thinking companies eager to embrace outstanding tertiary talent.

What is the FMCG Futures Internship Programme?

The FMCG Futures Summer Internship Programme provides university students in their second year of study or above with the opportunity to get incredible work experience over their summer holidays. Students can be studying in almost any degree programme to apply.

To participate in the programme, employers must be willing to provide a meaningful internship experience that aligns with the objectives of the programme. The eligibility criteria for employers include offering a 10-12 week paid internship, providing industry-specific training, and supporting the intern’s learning and development. To date interns have been in sales, human resources, merchandising, logistics, IT, finance, accounting, food tech, engineering, and marketing. The options continue to grow which is great for diversity of thought in FMCG.

Why should your business consider participating?

In the most recent programme review, employers gave an overwhelming endorsement of the programme – with 100% of participating employers recommending the FMCG Futures programme to other companies.

The programme itself is a real opportunity for employers. By participating in this initiative, companies not only gain access to a pool of talented and motivated students but also contribute to shaping the future leaders of FMCG industry. For employers, the benefits are many. Firstly, it gives your company access into a reservoir of highly motivated near graduates, ready to make their mark on the dynamic FMCG industry. Secondly, it allows companies to identify and nurture potential future employees, as well as integrating fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into their businesses. Moreover, the joined-up efforts of industry to attract top talent increases as more participate, creating a stronger, more competitive market.

The training component of the programme, run by the programme team, is another significant advantage. Interns receive industry-specific training, which not only adds value to their immediate contribution but also ensures they are well-prepared for future roles within the industry.

Employers who choose to be involved are not just filling internships; they are building the foundation for a robust and dynamic industry. By providing students with an inside look at the industry, the programme fosters a new generation of professionals who are not only skilled but also passionate about their future roles within FMCG.

For more information on how to participate, employers can visit the official FMCG Futures website.

I’ll finish this pitch, using the words of one of our employers who says in endorsing the programme: “We have loved being part of the programme for the past two years, it’s such a great way to bring new energy into the business, give young managers the opportunity to experience having direct reports and finding talent all at once.”