Having a strong presence at World Expo 2020 in Dubai is a vital part of New Zealand’s strategy to diversify and to strengthen other growing markets for food products and services, says NZ Food and Grocery Council Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

“Dubai is an important hub for many Middle Eastern markets and it’s been a key area of export growth over the past few decades.

“Showcasing New Zealand at the Dubai 2020 Expo gives our country another great opportunity to tell our story to high-value consumers.

“Appearing at such an expo has to be done well because it’s a sophisticated market with very high expectations.

“If we are to continue to offer quality products and services to the world then we have to present our country with a quality presence that impresses and resonates.

“World Expo 2020 will attract premium travellers from all over the world, so it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our products and services to that part of the world.

“I know that many members of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council will welcome the announcement of New Zealand’s participation, and will be working hard to make sure New Zealand’s involvement is to the benefit of our economy and all Kiwis.”