There are significant opportunities for New Zealand food and beverage exports in the United Kingdom in a post-Brexit world, according to a new report.

It’s the latest Food and Beverage Information Project market research report and is entitled ‘What does the United Kingdom want for dinner these days? Opportunities for New Zealand food & beverage exports in Britain post-Brexit’. It was prepared by FGC member Coriolis for the New Zealand Government.

It says there are many reasons New Zealand f&b exporters should focus on the UK, including because it wants what we can produce (i.e. temperate climate foods), its market is large overall and continuing to grow, and it demands the best and pays a premium for quality.

The report identifies 23 product categories with the potential to deliver significant growth:

BEST –sausages, salami, similar, other baked goods NES (not elsewhere specified), ice cream, retail dog/cat food, breakfast cereal, puffed, other sauces, yoghurt, prepared mussels, mixed juices, gin, other spirits, ground hop cones, essential oils, frozen French fries, soft drinks.

BETTER –whole chilled salmon, milk constituents NES, avocados.

GOOD –smoked salmon, blueberries, roasted coffee, waffles and wafers, frozen vegetables mix/other.

Read the report here