New requirements for the labelling of allergens in food are now in place. These requirements were developed through FSANZ Proposal P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling. The new requirements include that allergen information is to be declared:

  • in a specific format and location on food labels, and
  • using simple, plain English terms in bold font.

The changes will help people find allergen information on food labels more quickly and easily, so they can make informed and safe food choices.

You may see products labelled with the previous allergen declaration requirements. A two-year stock in trade period applies, meaning food packaged and labelled before 25 February 2024 in accordance with the old standard can continue to be sold until 25 February 2026.

MPI has released a helpful guide to allergen labelling – you can read that here.

FSANZ has released new social media communications to mark the end of the transition period for changes to allergen declarations. The assets can be found here on the following platforms: LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram

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