FSNI and Mental Health Awareness Week

This is Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 October), and Foodstuffs North Island is acknowledging it by holding sessions for staff at its Auckland headquarters, and providing resource material for stores to present to staff.

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Pressure on exporters to China as locals step up

27 July 2018

The pressure is on food and beverage exporters to China to innovate as local brands increase market share, according to new research.

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Is it a Costco, or is it a …?

12 July 2018

Is the US bulk grocery retailer Costco about to enter the New Zealand grocery market?

That’s the question raised today by after it identified a 10-hectare site in Auckland earmarked for a major development.

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Whittaker's most trusted and iconic brand - again

FGC members and brands have again dominated this year’s Most Trusted Brands consumer survey, led by Whittaker’s, which topped the list for an amazing seventh year in a row.

But not only did consumers vote the chocolate company New Zealand’s Most Trusted Brand across all categories, they also voted it the Most Iconic NZ Brand. It also won the Confectionery category.

Fonterra Brands’ Tip Top ice cream was eighth in the Most Trusted Brand category (behind Air NZ, Canon, Toyota, Nikon and Resene), runner-up in the Most Iconic NZ Brand, and won the Ice Cream category. Dilmah was 10th in the Most Trusted after winning the Tea and the Fruit and Herbal Tea categories.

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NZ gets world launch of stevia-only Coke

9 May 2018

The New Zealand food industry’s product reformulation drive has received a huge vote of approval with the world launch here of the ground-breaking Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar. 

It’s the first Coca-Cola product sweetened only with stevia, which is derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. Stevia is 200 times sweeter than table sugar and has no kilojoules. In addition to being free of sugar, Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar contains just 1.3 kilojoules per 100mls.

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A day to celebrate progress, set new goals

8 March 2018

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate progress and set new goals.

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Danone expansion shows confidence in NZ

26 February 2018

Danone’s $25 million upgrade of its blending and milk processing plant in Auckland is further evidence of how vital New Zealand is in its regional operation, says FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

The multi-national company has officially opened its Early Life Nutrition plant, and Mrs Rich congratulated its New Zealand team on the achievement and thanked them for their continued commitment to New Zealand.

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Exhibitor space running out at Fine Food NZ

Exhibitor space is running out at New Zealand’s premier food retail, food service and hospitality trade show Fine Food New Zealand, to be held in Auckland on 24-26 June.

It’s the fifth edition of the biennial show that gives food and beverage producers, packaging companies, and commercial equipment suppliers an opportunity to get in front of industry influencers, trade buyers and key decision-makers across the hospitality, food retail and food service sectors, and get among the  educational and informative seminars.

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Entries open for Outstanding Food Producer Awards

Entries are open for an expanded second edition of the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, which recognise our best food and drink producers.

The inaugural awards attracted more than 150 entries, and this year there are more categories, recognising innovation in sustainability, design and artisan non-alcoholic drinks

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Companies live up to Healthy Kids Pledge

Food companies remain committed to continuing progress on product reformulation, according to FGC’s report to the Government on year 1 of the Healthy Kids Industry Pledge.

The report to the Ministry of Health shows that many FGC member companies have been involved in areas such as salt and sugar reduction, the Health Star Rating scheme, community health initiatives, and marketing to children for a number of years.

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More fibre could avert disease, save millions - research

19 February 2018

If every Kiwi adult added three serves of high fibre grain food to their daily diet, it could avert 34,000 new cases of cardiovascular disease and 68,000 new cases of type 2 diabetes, and save the economy an estimated $607 million a year in healthcare costs and lost productivity

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Unilever takes aim at social media platforms

13 February 2018

Unilever, the world’s biggest grocery manufacturer, is threatening to pull its advertisements from social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube if the companies don't do more to minimise divisive content on their platforms.

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Chance to showcase products at AgriFood Week

12 February 2018

NZ AgriFood Week in March is a great opportunity for food companies to get their products in front of the 350 agrifood industry professionals expected to attend the event’s Perspective 2025 discussion panel.

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Bursting FIZZ’s bubbles

1 November 2017

Claims that a tax on sugary drinks is likely to have “a number of benefits” for the population have been shot down by an analysis of available evidence.

The claims of benefits of a tax included: increased cost of sugary drinks, cheaper bottled water and zero sugar drinks by comparison and increased availability, industry reformulating to avoid the tax, new products with less sugar, enhanced public awareness of why sugary drinks are detrimental to health.

But analysis by the Food and Grocery Council from before and after sugar taxes were introduced in Mexico in 2014, and on-the-ground experience of the New Zealand industry, tells a different story.

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Baden Ngan Kee supporters raise $17,551

The FMCG industry has raised $17,551 for the Lung Foundation New Zealand after getting in behind former Foodstuffs Merchandise Manager Baden Ngan Kee and his fight against lung cancer.

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Trans-Tasman guideline for shelf ready packaging

The Trading Partner Forum has endorsed a trans-Tasman guideline for shelf ready packaging that aims to deliver alignment on key issues, providing a consistent approach across the Australian and New Zealand industries.

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Barker's, T&G win at NZ Food Awards

16 October 2017

FGC members Barker’s of Geraldine and T&G Global scored awards at the Massey University New Zealand Food Awards.

Barker’s won a category for the third year in a row with their Squeezed Fruit Botanicals Syrup: Squeezed Lemons with Lime, Cucumber and Mint. T&G Global won with their innovative Lotatoes – potatoes with 40 per cent fewer carbs.

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‘It’s just how we do things around here’

Marketing company BrandWorld has launched a campaign about littering, using a series of videos featuring well-known Kiwis.

BrandWorld pitched and won the tender for a national campaign to lift awareness of the issue and help change behaviour.

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Think you know ASEAN? Think again

24 July 2017

The complexities of ASEAN, with its 625 million people and multitude of ethnicities, calls for a granular approach to understanding market opportunities there, Nielsen reports in its latest consumer market update.

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World Milk Day – The Director’s Cut

1 June 2017

“Scandal” is the only word that describes the news that a NZ Food & Grocery Council video had failed to make the final cut of a world-wide competition to find the best videos to celebrate World Milk Day, June 1. The ‘Pass the Glass’ competition was run by FrieslandCampina NV, a dairy farmer cooperative/company in The Netherlands.

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Trade matters video

2 May 2017

The New Zealand International Business Forum has released a video series that highlights how trade matters and how it impacts on the everyday lives of all New Zealanders.

The five two-minute videos comprise trade and business experts talking about different aspects of trade.

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FGC boss appointed to further ABAC term

7 April 2017

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich has been reappointed to the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) for a further term, till December 2019. She will be joined by former BusinessNZ CEO Phil O’Reilly, and the founder of the NZ SME Business Network and Small Business Development Group chair, Tenby Powell.

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Best-practice advice on palm oil transparency

30 January 2017

Environmental and scientific organisations have published a best-practice guidance on how to improve transparency in the palm oil supply chain.

A report by Oxfam, Ceres, Rainforest Alliance, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Rainforest Action Network, and the Union of Concerned Scientists offers recommendations for growers, processors, traders, manufacturers and retailers.

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Sustainability teams lead to waste, water, energy savings

19 October 2016

Establishing sustainability teams at all Inghams Enterprises’ sites across New Zealand has resulted in big savings in waste, water, and energy, says Managing Director Adrian Revell.

In the latest NZ Food and Grocery Council Leaders video he says sustainability teams at every one of the company’s sites – feed mills, hatcheries, farms, and processing plants – have a plan.

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Spend more time on better, not cheaper, says Sealord

4 October 2016

New Zealand FMCG companies need to spend more time doing better, not cheaper, and focusing around innovation and premiumisation, says Sealord Group General Manager NZ Stuart Yorston in an FGC video interview on sustainability through innovation.


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NZ collaboration in Asia ‘hugely important’

29 September 2016

Collaboration between New Zealand companies working in the export markets of Asia is hugely important, says Prolife Foods CEO Andrew Smith.

In a NZ Food and Grocery Council video interview on exporting opportunities within food and beverage, he says that while New Zealand companies compete “really strongly” in the domestic market they should collaborate when fighting to get into markets in Asia.

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Claims scientists paid off ‘bid to rewrite history’

20 September 2016 

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich has hit out at an analysis of historical sugar industry documents published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

She writes in Food Navigator-Asia that the analysis is an attempt to rewrite history and to create a conspiracy where none exists.

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Eating and activity guidelines for NZ adults

28 October 2015

The Government has announced new eating and activity guidelines for adults.

Associate Health Minister Hon Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga said the guidelines combine the Ministry of Health’s updated nutrition and physical activity advice into one document for the first time.

Although primarily focused on adults, the advice complements the Government’s recently announced package of initiatives aimed at reducing childhood obesity in New Zealand, Mr Lotu-Iiga says.

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No problem so no need for mandatory CoOL in NZ

14 August 2015

New Zealand does not need to regulate on country of origin labelling because there is no evidence of a significant problem, says FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

She was responding to a media inquiry after the Australian Government announced plans for a new system of country of origin food labels. Their use would initially be voluntary, but manufacturers will be forced to use them from 2016 if the states and territories agree to the proposal.

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How many teaspoons of sugar do we eat?

17 August 2015

New research shows New Zealanders are not consuming as much sugar as is frequently claimed.

The Sugar Research Advisory Service says there are frequent claims in the news media that we’re eating 40 teaspoons a day. But they say national surveys find that the average adult total sugars intake is approximately 28 teaspoons a day (115g) in Australia and 26 teaspoons (109g) in New Zealand – around 20% of total energy.

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Nestle initiative furthers industry involvement

FGC member companies are involved in some great initiatives in schools and communities that are aimed at promoting healthy eating and living. They range from sponsoring a wide variety of exercise and healthy-choice education programmes, to supplying healthy breakfasts and lunches to many schools.

One of the latest is a great initiative being run by Nestle.

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Sugar tax would have to be enormous to work

A British Medical Journal discussion on pro’s and con’s of a sugar tax provides a balanced discussion, but it’s clear that such taxes would have to be enormous to have an effect.

The discussion, “Could a sugar tax help obesity?”, featured Adjunct Professor Sirpa Sarlio-Lahteenkorva, a ministerial adviser in Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and Jack Winkler, Emeritus Professor of Nurition Policy at London Metropolitan University.

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Reality check on call by academics for tax on food

When Benjamin Franklin said there are “only two things certain in life: death and taxes” he was spot on. After all, times were much simpler back then.

Fast forward to 2015 and he might be inclined to amend it to something like “death and Auckland University academics coming up with new taxes on everything we eat and drink”.

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Call for tax on bread, cereal, meat, eggs and milk is lunacy

9 July 2015

A call by Auckland University academics to tax New Zealand families’ staple foods such as bread, milk, eggs and meat is lunacy, says NZ Food and Grocery Council Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

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10 March 2015

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council strongly condemns the criminal who has issued blackmail threats to damage our food supply. The council has absolute confidence in the safety of the New Zealand food supply.

This is an attack on Brand New Zealand.  Our country has a reputation for producing safe, high-quality food products which are in demand around the world, and this coward’s letter doesn’t change that at all.

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The fat lie exposed


The Food & Grocery Council has long acknowledged that obesity is an increasing problem. The issue is what we do about it.

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Inactivity, not calorie consumption, behind rising obesity in the UK


The rise in obesity amongst the UK population has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity, according to new research by the Institute of Economic Affairs in London.

Using government figures, this study debunks the popular belief that the rise in obesity in recent decades is the result of increased calorie consumption in general, and sugar in particular.

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Katherine Rich: A matter of balance


Over the past few weeks our sector has been in the spotlight and has had more media attention than many within our membership can recall.

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FGC statement on retrospective payments


“We’re aware of a number of incidents where our member companies have been asked for retrospective payments.

"We have raised our general concerns about this practice with the supermarket chain involved.

"This is a serious issue that is new to the New Zealand grocery sector and we view it as an unwelcome development. We have asked members to report further occurrences.”

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Store culture matters, says FGC


FGC has put supermarket owners, managers, and buyers on notice following some disturbing reports of in-store behaviour towards suppliers, says CEO Katherine Rich.

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Julian Baggini: Coke or milk?

jb3FGC has commissioned world-renowned philosopher and author Julian Baggini to give his unique perspective on current discussions within the food industry. In this article, he discusses a topic that is regularly raised – should healthier food automatically be cheaper.


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FGC member’s complaint over olive oil TV programme upheld

wa2Food & Grocery Council member William Aitken & Co, importers of Lupi Olive Oil, has had a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) upheld.

The complaint concerned an item aired by TVNZ’s Fair Go programme, in which Lupi was subjected to tests by a sensory panel which the programme claimed was accredited by the International Olive Council (IOC).

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