You can’t manage a risk unless you first identify it. Mondelez International uses Risk Assessment as a standard HSE tool.

But what is Risk Assessment and how does it benefit the business?

Risk Assessment is a focused examination of what, in the workplace, could cause harm to people or the environment. The results of Risk Assessments help businesses choose which preventive/corrective measures are most appropriate to control the risk with the benefit being that this is a proactive process, not a reactive one. While a risk assessment may be documented to cover a legal requirement, it should be viewed as a highly valuable tool which has the capacity to achieve much more. Risk Assessments are a means of engagement, involving health and safety representatives and subject matter experts in the process of identifying risks in their workplace and controlling them.

A Mondelez Example – Sales Fleet Driving Safety: A significant risk was identified highlighting frequent low-level incidents and vehicle damage linked to driver behaviour at a significant cost to the business. A tailored Driver Safety Programme was created to equip our sales drivers with best-in-class education and practical training to ensure safe driving is always front of mind and part of the way we work. After a successful launch, employees are showing a reduction in vehicle incidents and an increased awareness on the road, benefiting all New Zealand.

Mondelez’s Risk Assessment worksheet