The Food & Grocery Council has launched a petition asking Parliament to support a Grocery Code of Conduct in New Zealand.

Chief Executive Katherine Rich says she hopes the Commerce Commission’s market study into supermarkets will help pave the way for the establishment of a Code of Conduct.

“Suppliers have for too long had to put up with unfair and abusive behaviour by some stores.

“We need to shed light on some of the more questionable claims and demands being made of suppliers by some stores that, from time to time, overstep the line between robust negotiation and bullying.

“I have been speaking recently to leaders across the food and grocery sector, and to a person they agree a Code would be an excellent baseline for business dealings with supermarket customers.

“A Grocery Code of Conduct will never be a panacea, but those with experience in Australia and the United Kingdom report Codes there have made a huge difference, ruling out some egregious behaviours immediately and laying the foundation for better retailer/supplier relationships.

“I believe a Code here will ensure better treatment of all grocery suppliers to supermarkets – growers, manufacturers, marketers, and particularly merchandisers, who keep the shelves stocked.”

The petition asking Parliament to support a Grocery Code of Conduct is on Parliament’s website and anyone can sign it. It’s on Parliament’s website here.