The supply of food and grocery products to New Zealand supermarkets, Four Squares and dairies is back to normal.

FGC CEO Katherine Rich says the few gaps in supply that were apparent in Levels 4 and 3 – due solely to stockpiling and some panic buying – have now disappeared.

“FGC worked closely with member companies, supermarkets and government agencies as we dropped down the levels to ensure we got early warning of shortages, but there haven’t been any issues since we dropped to Level 2,” she says.

“Everyone in the supply chain – from suppliers, to drivers, to people in the distribution centres, to merchandisers re-stocking the shelves – did a great job and New Zealanders never had any need to worry. We were never going to run out of food or essential groceries.”

She says FGC remains ready and able to help member companies still struggling to recover from the lockdown, particularly those involved in food service to hotels and restaurants that previously relied heavily on international tourism.