The supply of food and grocery products to New Zealand supermarkets, Four Squares and dairies continues with little disruption.

FGC CEO Katherine Rich says there are gaps here and there for some products, but by and large supply continues without a hitch.

“The industry was planning for this in early February – ever since reports of the worrying climb of infection rates in China – with most big companies ramping up their production that far back, so there’s no shortage of most products.

“The Food & Grocery Council continues to work closely with member companies, supermarkets and government agencies so we can get early indications of shortages and plug those gaps, but there haven’t been any significant problems.

“Gaps are not because there’s a shortage, it’s because of the rush of demand and the time taken to get stuff to the supermarkets and onto the shelves.

“Everyone in the supply chain – from suppliers, to drivers, to people in the distribution centres, to merchandisers re-stocking the shelves – are doing a great job and New Zealanders have no need to worry. We will not run out of food or essential groceries.”

FGC has been working hard to ensure member companies, as well as non-members in the sector, are kept up to date with developments and advice. Any company wanting to receive our daily updates can register by emailing We can also be followed on LinkedIn.

FGC has also launched a mentoring support programme for food and grocery businesses. Some of New Zealand’s most experienced senior food and grocery leaders have volunteered for this to help businesses navigate the decisions required and business challenges presented by COVID-19. These are seasoned CEOs, chairs and directors who have dealt with crises ranging from earthquakes, SARS, financial crashes to even extortion threats.

Others wishing to make themselves available to help with this can email FGC consultant Kelly Smith of Bizadvisor, who is the programme coordinator.

Katherine Rich and FGC chair Mike Pretty, of Heinz Wattie’s, continue to receive the latest information on the food and grocery supply chain as members of the National Emergency Management Agency Household Goods Working Group, which oversees food & grocery supply.