Reformulation work by Pepsico to remove much of the saturated fat from its major snacks brands is a great initiative that continues the industry’s path to developing healthier options, says the NZ Food & Grocery Council.

“Switching to canola oil to remove up to 85% of saturated fats in snacks including Bluebird Original Cut potato chips, Rashuns, Twisties and Burger Rings is significant because they are big sellers,” says FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

“This is in line with reformulation work the industry has been concentrating on for some time now to remove fat, salt and sugar from foods and beverages.

“It’s also right in line with what Health Minister David Clark and Food Safety Minister Damien O’Connor said they want to see more of.

“Some of this reformulation work is complicated because you can’t change the ingredients overnight without dramatically altering the taste and, in some cases, even the shelf life.

“This often takes months or even years to get right, but it’s work the industry is dedicated to continuing along with other initiatives to help reduce obesity.”