Asia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity

apAsia Pacific Centre for Food Integrity describe themselves as Food Strategists. They use their extensive knowledge, networks and commitment to food safety to assist their clients to get their products to market. They use their food safety knowledge to keep consumers safe in market.

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Australian Food and Grocery Council

afafThe national representative organisation for the Australian food, drink and grocery products industry - the product of a merger of the Australian Food Council and the Grocery Manufacturers of Australia. Australian sister organisation to the NZ FGC.

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Business NZ

bzNational business organisation promoting a competitive growing economy and higher living standards through business success.

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GS1 New Zealand

gsOrganisation that sets standards for identification and barcoding - tools for automatic data capture and electronic commerce - enabler of business best practices.

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ECR Australisia

ecEfficient Consumer Response Australasia is a business concept designed to take costs out of the grocery supply chain to achieve efficiency and streamlining of processes, and better satisfy consumer demands for improved range, price, service and convenience through the adoption of world’s best practices.

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My Daily Intake .NET

AFGC/NZFGC website containing information about Daily Intake Guide labelling and how to use it, along with easy-to-use DI and BMI Calculators.

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Food Science Bureau

A communication and consumer education service set up by the Australian Food and Grocery Council  "To provide access to independent, credible, science-based information about nutrition, healthy lifestyles, food safety and biotechnology and, subsequently, to encourage accurate and balanced discussion of food and food technology issues".

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New Zealand food, beverage, and grocery directory and news. The Directory incorporates links to food, bev' and grocery industry groups, government agencies, research, academic and training institutions, and related sites, products and services.

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The National Association of Retail Grocers & Supermarkets of New Zealand (Inc), the national body of independent owner-operators of grocery stores and supermarkets.

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FGC Safe In-Store Pass

The “FGC Safe In-Store Pass” is an internet-based Health & Safety training programme, providing a readily accessible and cost-effective option, replacing several hours’ face-to-face training with less than one hour on-line. 

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Commerce Commission of New Zealand

The Commerce Commission is New Zealand's competition enforcement and regulatory agency.

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Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Government body responsible for administering New Zealand and Australian food and food labelling regulations, and setting up the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

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Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

MPI is a new ministry formed from the merger of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of Fisheries, and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.

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Ministry of Health

The Government's principal adviser on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders.

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New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is the New Zealand Government’s national economic development agency.

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Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand Tatauranga Aotearoa is a government department and New Zealand’s national statistics office.

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