Food industry welcomes report on advertising to children

FGC welcomes the report on the review of the Children’s Code for Advertising Food and the Code for Advertising to Children. Katherine Rich says manufacturers recognise the need to protect children and will support the final Advertising Standards Authority Codes.

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Industry thanks Pierre van Heerden

FGC has paid tribute to Pierre van Heerden, who is stepping down as Executive General Manager of Sanitarium Health Food Company. Chief Executive Katherine Rich says Mr van Heerden contributed a great deal to the industry, both as a member of FGC and its Chair for three years, and on other industry bodies.

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HealthyWork 2016 - The heart of a good business

Industry and government speakers will feature at a conference on safety at work to be held in Auckland in November.

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Submissions on changes to managing hazardous substances

The Environment Protection Authority is now calling for submissions on a number of proposed changes to New Zealand’s system for managing hazardous substances.

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