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Companies continue to reformulate foods

Food companies are continuing to make big strides in the reformulation of popular foods to make them healthier, in line with consumer demand, says Katherine Rich. Innovations in food technology are enabling companies to offer more and healthier choices, and means products get better ratings from the Health Star Rating scheme.

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FGC welcomes investor guide to food and beverage industry

FGC welcomes the release of the 2015 edition of the ‘Investor’s Guide to the New Zealand Food and Beverage Industry’ by MBIE. FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says it’s a fantastic resource and a must-read for anyone wanting to get a detailed understanding of New Zealand's major food producers.

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Food marketing to children – where to next?

The Food & Health Programme at Auckland University is hosting a seminar on food marketing to children on December 10. Three academics from the university and one from Otago University will speak, as will Lindsay Mouat from the Association of NZ Advertisers and Simon. His topic will be ‘Advertising Codes and Pledges - the ASA and More'.

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Panel on food advertising to children

A breakfast panel session on food advertising to children is to be hosted by FGC’s Health & Technical Working Group on March 1 in Auckland. The session is likely to coincide with the proposed review of the Advertising Standards Authority Codes of Practice around food advertising to children. Speakers and a venue have yet to be confirmed.

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