July 2018

A Winning in January/Summer toolkit was launched by FGC, Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises in 2015.  

The toolkit is aimed at improving stock positions over key seasonal times such as summer, but can also apply at times such as Easter. It is based on the ECRA/TPF model, which has been reviewed and developed further to New Zealand conditions by Foodstuffs and Progressive in conjunction with FGC.

The toolkit provides guidance for improving product availability and delivering improved shopper satisfaction in the summer period, and is an addition, not an alternative, to detailed internal and trading partner planning and deployment. It offers a clear and simple framework for planning and optimising a key sales period.

We have collected aggregated in stock results over the past two years and there is still much room for improvement in supply levels over the summer, so all suppliers are encouraged to use the toolkit as a process guide for improvement. 

Any queries email Kelly Smith.

Further information can be found on the suppliers section of the Foodstuffs website.

The toolkit

FSNI checklist

Summer Checklist