Smart forklift safety campaign

Foodstuffs North Island has developed and shared a very compelling safety campaign around the use of forklifts in and around its stores. It features a series of attractive and easy-to-understand graphics which cover nine forklift operations, ranging from loading curtain sider trucks to shelves in-store, and everything in between. See the diagrams below.

In addition to the diagrams, Foodstuffs issued the following to its stores: a letter outlining store requirements and how to use the kits, a pad of 50 quiz sheets, the WorkSafe code of practice for forklifts, a staff training document, a pre-start checklist, and an authorisation-to-operate template.

Gerry Lynch of Mars, who chairs the pan-industry healthy and safety working group – FGC’s H&S working group, Foodstuffs, The Warehouse, and Progressive – says this is a great initiative that suppliers will welcome as a way of reducing risk.

Forklifts:The Rules

Loading/Unloading: Curtain Sider Trucks

Loading/Unloading: Solid Sider Trucks

Loading/Unloading: Tail Lift Trucks

Exterior: Public Access Areas

Exterior: Back of Store Racking

Interior: Back of Store Racking

Store Closed: Instore Racking

Store Open: Instore Racking