HEALTH & SAFETY: FGC Working Group

The FGC Safety Working Group, which consists of representatives from The Warehouse, Countdown, Foodstuffs North Island, and Foodstuffs South Island, made excellent progress on some big matters in 2014, including agreeing on a maximum carton weight of 16kg (exceptions to be dealt with individually), sharing best practice on car safety, and improving the effectiveness of the Safe In Store pass.

The group has now turned its attention to three key areas: understanding the biggest causes of accidents in store; defining who has responsibility for what in store (what is the store responsible for, what is the supplier responsible for); finding a way to share learning from accidents.

Chair Gerry Lynch says they have carried out a survey on the causes of accident in-store, and had a fantastic presentation by David Tregoweth of Progressive, detailing their biggest causes of accidents in store.

To see the presentation go to the Safety section of the members-only area of the website.