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Coca-Cola Amatil has produced a great ‘how to’ toolkit on managers having mental health conversations with team members. It’s called ‘Are you OK?’ and offers three steps:

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WORKPLACE SAFETY: taking the Pledge

2 May 2016

There has been excellent progress with FGC members taking the Zero Harm Pledge for safety in the workplace. Kimberley-Clark, Sealord, and Storelink are the latest to commit.

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Winning in January toolkit launched

July 2018

A Winning in January/Summer toolkit was launched by FGC, Foodstuffs and Progressive Enterprises in 2015.  

The toolkit is aimed at improving stock positions over key seasonal times such as summer, but can also apply at times such as Easter. It is based on the ECRA/TPF model, which has been reviewed and developed further to New Zealand conditions by Foodstuffs and Progressive in conjunction with FGC.

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HEALTH & SAFETY: Forklift campaign

Foodstuffs North Island has developed and shared a very compelling safety campaign around the use of forklifts in and around its stores. It features a series of attractive and easy-to-understand graphics which cover nine forklift operations, ranging from loading curtain sider trucks to shelves in-store, and everything in between. See the diagrams below.

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WELLNESS: Positive member initiatives

FGC is always keen to publicise positive member initiatives, and recently we commended Nestlé’s impressive Choose Wellness programme in a public statement, in our newsletter, and on our website. We also shared a summary of members’ health, wellness and reformulation initiatives with Government ministers and officials, and they were genuinely surprised and impressed by how many positive things industry has been involved with.

If your company has a good news story to share with FGC and the wider world then we would like to know. Let Katherine Rich know if you have a workplace wellness initiative, a new education programme, or are involved in any other charitable activity. We would like to help spread your good news.

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HEALTH & SAFETY: Safe Use of Machinery

The food and beverage manufacturing industry is one of three industries where more harm and injury is occurring than in manufacturing in general, says WorkSafe New Zealand.

WorkSafe has now updated and practical advice for safe use of machinery and has made this information available online and in print.

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SHELF LIFE: Preparing and handling food

The Ministry for Primary Industries has published a document detailing advice on shelf-life of food. It has been developed to help food operators determine the shelf life of their food products and to apply the appropriate date marking.

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FOOD COLOURS: Memo to members

7 December 2012

The Food and Grocery Council takes the rare step of issuing a full correction of a NZ Herald story on food colours that contained more than 70 errors of fact. The story published on 26 October sought to highlight 18 food additives in use in New Zealand which were supposedly “banned” in other countries and which were claimed to be the cause of all sorts of alarming serious side effects, from birth defects to foetal deaths, cancer, and chromosomal damage.


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FGC members in action - 20 September

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