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A Flexible Way Forward for FMCG Manufacturers & Brand Owners

Internationally, manufacturers are increasingly willing to spend money to save money. They are directing ever-larger portions of budget toward outsourcing.

In the US it is estimated that Sales and Merchandising Agencies (SMAs) represent 50% of grocery scanned sales, while Australia sits at around 20%. New Zealand is at 5-7% of scanned sales. 

Of late there has been a clear emergence of manufacturers and brand owners reviewing their go-to-market strategy, particularly with a focus on the field sales and merchandisng role. The changing face of New Zealand's FMCG retail environment is leading firms to re-evauate their approach, providng leaner and more flexible strategies.

Cost effectiveness is increasingly important; outsourcing enables a brand owner to focus on core competencies and strategy while employing specialist skills to manage and action market tactics. 

The development of New Zealand's Sales and Merchandising Agency Working Group is a proactive industry move in response to this. Formerly known as "Brokers", it is a sub-committee of the New Zealand Food & Grocery Council (FGC). It is a working group of senior SMA managers, established to represent outsourcing organisations on key issues affecting the grocery industry and its suppliers. 

The working group has a representative on the key FGC committees so SMA issues are considered in decision making processes. 

The Working Group also meets independently to table and discuss issues affecting SMA's that are unique to that environment. 

The Working Group also provides a unified 'voice' for SMA businesses. It sets a foundation for developing communication and educating wider industry on the role and value of SMAs and an interface to support the benefits of outsourcing to New Zealand manufacturers and brand owners. 

The group effectively represents the SMA perspective within FGC, and provides a forum to discuss and resolve SMA industry issues. 

Qualification as an SMA is any company providing contracted sales, promotion and merchandising services to multiple manufacturers or brand owners.

SMAs must be a member of the FGC to be part of the Working Group.   

For more information about SMAs or becoming a member, please contact us