poFGC member companies are involved in some great initiatives in schools and communities that are aimed at promoting healthy eating and living. They range from sponsoring a wide variety of exercise and healthy-choice education programmes, to supplying healthy breakfasts and lunches to many schools.

One of the latest that caught our eye is a great initiative being run by Nestle, and comes in the form of a hand-sized booklet and a dedicated website containing a huge wealth of information and excellent ideas. It’s called “Choose Wellness – Ideas for your wellbeing”, and contains sections on “Eating Well”, “Your Wellbeing”, “Getting Active”, and “Staying Healthy”.

There are great tips such as how to get your kids to eat vegies; general wellbeing (such as spending time socialising); staying active at work and home; hints on sleep and taking time-out for busy lives; general nutrition advice tailored by nutritionist Clair Turnbull, with plans for different sports and for people with medical conditions (such as allergies and lactose intolerance); exercise plans; healthy recipes – the list goes on.

ktThe website even has an online quiz which can tell people in five minutes how happy and how healthy they are.

At the back of the booklet (which can be found in most supermarkets) there are even a handful of pages of discount coupons.  

You can check out the Choose Wellness website here.