Nanoparticles and infant formula

3 July 2017

Food Standards Australia New Zealand says a report on nanoscale particles in infant formula does not contain any new evidence, and carers of infants should not be alarmed or concerned about the safety of these products.

FSANZ says it has reviewed the available information in light of the report, by Friends of the Earth, and concluded there is nothing to suggest there is any risk to infant health and safety.

Its conclusion is supported by experts from its Scientific Nanotechnology Advisory Group, which comprises experts in the fields of nanosafety, pharmacology, nano-food technology, toxicology and nanometrology.

FSANZ says all infant formula products sold in Australia and New Zealand must meet stringent requirements set out in the infant formula standard in the Food Standards Code.

“This is one of the most comprehensive standards in the Code and is enforced by national, state and territory authorities and the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand.

“If FSANZ were to become aware of any public health issues with specific nanomaterials, we would work with the state and territory enforcement agencies to develop appropriate risk management measures.”

Read FSANZ’s detailed response on their website.