‘It’s just how we do things around here’

Marketing company BrandWorld has launched a campaign about littering, using a series of videos featuring well-known Kiwis.

BrandWorld pitched and won the tender for a national campaign to lift awareness of the issue and help change behaviour.

In the videos, a person is about to casually drop a package outdoors but suddenly feels all eyes are on her. She then does the right thing, disposing her waste into the correct bin. The first two videos finish with veteran actor Ian Mune and Xena Warrior Princess actor Lucy Lawless announcing 'It's just how we do things around here'.

David MacGregor, founder and creative director of BrandWorld Ltd, says the premise behind the campaign is that “people can make significant differences to outcomes through simple, daily actions and changing trivial behaviours”.

They hope to enlist more celebrity faces but also have people willing to share the message through their own social networks. 

Check out the videos and David MacGregor’s blog on the campaign here.