Good on ya, Coke


cokeThe latest suite of initiatives by Coca-Cola to help tackle obesity in New Zealand should be widely applauded, says Food & Grocery Council CEO Katherine Rich.

“There’s no doubt that obesity is a problem for many, and one that our country has to address, but it’s a complex issue with no single, easy fix.

“The food and beverage industry understands it has an important role to play along with others in terms of providing healthier options for New Zealanders and encouraging healthier food choices. 

“That’s why FGC member companies such as Coca-Cola and others have stepped up over the past decade to embark on major investment in reformulation, portion control, supporting physical activity initiatives, and developing healthier choices in almost all categories of food and drink.

“We recognise that the major announcement by Coca-Cola is the result of years of planning and detailed product development.

“Coca-Cola’s commitment to increasing the availability of smaller portion sizes, offering a wide selection of low-kilojoule options, adding more nutritional information, and supporting physical activity programmes are all further steps in the direction of helping New Zealanders strike a better balance between diet and exercise.

“No doubt some commentators will go into overdrive criticising the company for daring to speak positively about their initiatives, but what has been achieved by Coca-Cola here is a major step forward in terms of offering healthier choices to New Zealanders.

“It’s another important initiative demonstrating the food and beverage industry’s commitment to playing our part in a New Zealand obesity solution.”