FMCG careers expo reaps rewards

The food and grocery industry is already benefitting from its careers expo held earlier this year.

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says several FMCG companies have taken on graduates as a result of contact made at the expo.

“This was exactly the aim of the expo – to showcase the industry to students who might be considering their next steps after graduating.

“We want FMCG to become the industry of choice for people leaving university, and the 20 companies that had exhibits at the expo all reported huge interest from the more than 1000 students who engaged with companies.

“We were able to show the myriad options for people looking for roles that offer promotion in an industry that never stops and is always looking to innovate.

“We didn’t call the expo ‘FMCG Futures – for Fast Moving Careers’ for nothing, because that’s exactly what our industry offers to people with the passion and skills to help find the best possible products for consumers.”

The Food and Grocery Council today released three short videos from interviews it did at the expo with company leaders. They are entitled ‘Why it’s great to work in FMCG’, ‘What makes an FMCG superstar’, and ‘How to get into FMCG’ and are on FGC’s YouTube channel.

The aim of the video series is to give young people a quick overview of our industry and why they should consider a career in FMCG.