FGC commends DB’s rollout of HPA alcohol moderation campaign

DB Breweries’ rollout of the Health Promotion Agency’s latest alcohol moderation campaign is to be commended, says the Food & Grocery Council.

Chief Executive Katherine Rich says the HPA campaign is very clever and engaging.

“It’s very clever because it helps normalise the drinking of water alongside alcohol by having ‘Not Beersies’, or water, taps in key bars alongside normal beer taps, so giving consumers an easy option.

“The great thing about DB embracing the “Not Beersies’ campaign in some of its key pubs nationally is that it takes the alcohol moderation message right into where people are actually drinking.”

Mrs Rich says the Food & Grocery Council endorses the comment by DB Managing Director Andy Routley that ‘Consuming water when you're having a drink is an absolute necessity in our united drive for moderation and responsible consumption. Kiwis should be drinking more water in social situations and we applaud the HPA's campaign for highlighting, and creating conversation around this’.

“DB’s involvement is another great example of how the food and grocery industry can work to support health promoters on socially responsible campaigns to spread alcohol moderation messages, particularly as we move into the holiday season.”