14 March 2016

FGC welcomes the launch of the new Health Promotion Agency Awareness Campaign to promote the Health Star Rating System for food products. It includes a series of short videos to explain how the Health Stars work and remind shoppers that products with a higher star rating are healthier choices within a supermarket category.


Some supermarkets will have information in their aisles and others will include it in their flyers. There will also be ad-shell posters.


FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says the videos combine good information and classic Kiwi humour so FGC hopes lots of people get to see them.


“Health Star Ratings are a quick and easy way for shoppers to choose healthier packaged foods.


“Its aim is to point shoppers to healthier packaged foods within categories because shoppers can instantly see how much energy, salt, fat, and sugar is in a product and make a comparative decision based on that.


“Not everyone understands nutrition panels, so this quick and easy solution on the front of packs will make it easier for shoppers to identify more healthy choices, and we’re confident that once they see how easy it is, they will embrace it.


“Many FGC members have committed to using the scheme and we estimate that there are now more than 1000 products with Health Star Ratings on their packaging”.