FIZZ campaigners change logo after FGC alert

13 October 2016

FIZZ campaigners are doing the right thing by withdrawing their “No Sugary Drinks” logo after FGC drew attention to it being almost identical in shape and colour to Coke’s iconic curved bottle, says Katherine Rich.

“The logo, which was launched at their recent campaign meeting, was almost identical to iconic curved Coke bottle silhouette pictures that can be found on the internet. It wasn’t fair that they were singling out one drink in their campaign.”


FIZZ have removed it from their website and say they will make changes to it before re-launching it. The move has been reported across most media.

Mrs Rich said FGC welcomed discussion about how some New Zealanders take on too many kilojoules from beverages, and also supports the freedom of FIZZ campaigners to express themselves and create all the logos and posters they like, “but there’s no doubt in my mind what that iconic image in the current FIZZ campaign logo is”.

“If FIZZ campaigners want to do something that would make a genuine difference to helping New Zealanders make healthier choices, they could help the Health Promotion Agency distribute its educational resources regarding the sugar content in beverages to public places such as schools, GPs’ offices and dental surgeries. 

“The HPA has produced sets of excellent educational resources, such as “How Much Sugar Do You Drink”, which give New Zealanders much more information than a FIZZ logo about banning sugary drinks ever could.”  

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