Corporate activity study not relevant to NZ

25 January 2017

Claims in an academic study into corporate activity in the Australian food industry are not relevant to New Zealand, says FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich.

After talking to just 15 people, the paper claimed it had unearthed “direct evidence of food industry practices that have the potential to shape public health-related polices that favour business interests at the expense of population health objectives”.

As examples of this it highlights the industry’s Responsible Marketing to Children Initiative, support for Ronald McDonald House, a Nestle programme that supports getting children to eat more vegetables and drink more milk, and other healthy eating education and community activities.

Katherine Rich says she is surprised by the paper’s conclusion.

“It doesn’t reconcile with the professional approach taken by food industry people I’ve dealt with in Australia. 

“The authors spoke to 15 people. They are welcome to their opinions, but I doubt it’s the reality in Australia and I believe it’s not relevant to New Zealand.

“Most New Zealanders would judge the paper’s harsh criticism of Ronald McDonald House, healthy eating education and other community activities as being unfair.”

See media report here