Nestle education programme an asset for NZ schools

Press Release 02/11/2011

The Food and Grocery Council welcomes today’s launch of Be Healthy, Be Active, an online education resource for teachers and intermediate school children.

“Nestle NZ has gifted to all New Zealand schools a wonderful learning resource by funding the development of this education programme, which educates children about the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise”, says Katherine Rich, Chief Executive of the Food and Grocery Council.

"In collaboration with Learning Media, the Nutrition Foundation and the Millennium Institute, the programme launched today at theEvansBayIntermediateSchoolinWellingtonis a free resource that can be an excellent component in any school’s health and physical education programme.

“We pay tribute to Nestle’s involvement, which is just the latest in a large number of community-oriented projects the food company has been part of during its 125 year history inNew Zealand.

“The company's significant investment in the Be Healthy, Be Active programme is something that allNew Zealand children might benefit from.

“It was great to see the education programme in action today and Kiwi kids so clearly having fun learning about the basics of a healthy diet and what constitutes a balanced meal.

"It was also crystal clear that healthy food choices were very much an important part of the ethos of the impressiveEvansBayIntermediateSchool.

"FGC salutes Principal Wendy Esera and her teaching team for making healthy food choices a priority within the school. The school's focus on this and, of course, the work teachers there do each day to prepare the next generation of Kiwis, makes such a huge difference to our country as a whole.

“Nestle and other members of the Food and Grocery Council continue to play a significant part in educating New Zealanders about healthy diets and lifestyles by investing in national programmes such as these and other social campaigns.

"We hope other New Zealand schools will see fit to follow Evans Bays' lead and use the resource in the classroom", Mrs Rich said.