Grocery suppliers pledge full support to Christchurch

Press Release 22/02/2011

"Playing our part to assist relief efforts and to ensure continuity of food and water supply to the people ofChristchurchis the prime focus for grocery suppliers right now, says Katherine Rich, CEO of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council.

"Food and grocery suppliers are working hard with our retail partners to make sure that sufficient grocery supplies remain available to theChristchurchpeople.

"While a number of our members have faced significant damage to their manufacturing and warehousing facilities, they are working hard to expand production elsewhere inNew Zealandto ensure basic staples (e.g. bread) are back on the shelf as soon as possible.

"FGC members are already pledging large amounts of food, water and specialist expertise to assist relief efforts. For example, Sanitarium has made fresh water from its water bore available since the town supply has been damaged.

"FGC has today been in contact with the Prime Minister, the Hon John Carter and the Hon Kate Wilkinson to pledge our members' support for relief efforts and to pass on the desire of food and grocery companies to assist in whichever way they can.

"New Zealandhas a robust and resilient food supply network and we will work hard to ensure the continuity of supply toChristchurchfamilies.

"The thoughts and prayers of all FGC members are with the people ofChristchurch".