Food industry response to gas outage

Press Release 26/10/2011

The Maui Gas outage is certainly creating some challenges for the food industry, but our member companies are steadily and methodically working through the issues, says Katherine Rich Chief Executive of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council.

“Aucklandis a significant food production hub and many of our members’ factories are currently in shutdown with many staff sent home.

“We are confident that all possible is being done and appreciate the efficient communication from the Government and Vector, which have both kept those impacted informed as much as practicable.

“FGC has briefed the Government on the current state of the food industry in the region and we have suggested that the production of certain basic food staples be designated essential services.

“As our members demonstrated in the aftermath of theCanterburyquakes,New Zealandhas a robust and resilient food supply network. Maintaining continuity of supply toNorth Islandsupermarkets is our member companies' main focus.

“All involved understand the importance of getting New Zealand’s food production back to capacity," Mrs Rich said.