Food and Beverage Project a major asset to industry

Press Release 26/10/2011

Katherine Rich, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council welcomed the release of major food industry reports by the Hon David Carter today inAucklandas part of the Ministry of Economic Development’s extensive Food and Beverage Information Project.

“Knowledge informs better business decision-making and these food and beverage market reports provide a vital overview of what’s happening in our multi-billion dollar food and beverage industry.”

“Within the Food and Beverage Information Project, ten reports have been produced by the Ministry of Economic Development that provide a comprehensive overview of the state ofNew Zealand’s food and beverage industry.

“These reports provide insights for manufacturers and suppliers to the grocery industry into the strengths, opportunities and weaknesses within the multi-faceted food and beverage sector.

“The Ministry has commissioned a magnificent resource for food companies and policy makers alike. These reports, completed by highly-respected food industry consultants, Coriolis Research, will help FGC’s members make critical business decisions, and inform market development and investment decisions.”

The food and beverage industry includes some ofNew Zealand’s biggest companies and largest exporters, and is a major contributor to theNew Zealandeconomy.

“The food and beverage industry is already a major contributor to theNew Zealandeconomy, but there is always opportunity for growth and expansion. To do that companies need opportunities and access to good information that reports like these can provide.

“The information and detailed analysis in these reports will certainly assist food companies and I’m sure their release today will be welcomed by the wider food industry”, Mrs Rich said.