FGC welcomes Fonterra recall review

Press Release 4/09/2013

The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council welcomes the release today of the results from Fonterra’s internal operational review into its recent precautionary recall.

FCG Chief Executive Katherine Rich said the review had been thorough and had asked the tough questions about how and why the recall occurred, so that the company can move forward.

“As is always the case with the majority of food industry product recalls around the world, there is no one contributing factor. Major food recalls tend to be the result of an unfortunate series of irregular manufacturing events mixed with human error, and based on the information released today it would appear that this incident fits within the global norm.

“Food recalls are never welcome, but they are a fact of life for the global food and grocery industry.

“From time to time issues occur in food manufacturing, and Fonterra acted absolutely correctly to press the button and issue a recall of product which did not meet its own stringent food quality standards.    

“Announcements today of the enhancements to Fonterra’s manufacturing processes, and key initiatives such as the creation of a new role of Group Director of Food Safety and Quality, the strengthening of its Food Integrity Council, and the launch of a food safety staff hotline will all play a major part in affirming consumer confidence domestically and around the world.”