FGC endorses healthy breakfast campaign

Press Release 03/02/2012

New Zealanders should get behind a campaign that reminds Kiwis, and particularly children, how important it is to start each day with a healthy breakfast, says Food and Grocery Council CEO Katherine Rich.

“The Food and Grocery Council commends the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC) for leading the charge on an issue that can make a huge difference to every Kiwi’s health.”

The HSC’s ‘Breakfast-Eaters Have it Better’ promotion champions the benefits of eating breakfast and is timed to coincide with children heading back to school this week and next.

“The research on this is very clear – eating breakfast helps children to learn,” says Mrs Rich.

“It shows that children who have breakfast are more alert and have better concentration and memory. They also have more energy for sport.

“Nutritionists say breakfast can also help children maintain a healthy weight because they are less likely to snack on treat foods in the middle of the morning if they have a good breakfast in their stomachs.

“Breakfast can be one of the lowest-cost and easiest-to-prepare meals of the day and it’s great to see supermarket chain Countdown participating in this healthy food initiative.

“A breakfast of cereal with milk, or toast, is quick and easy to prepare and great for fuelling children for the day ahead.”

FGC members Hubbards, Kellogg, Smartfoods, Nestle, Harraways, Sanitarium, George Weston, Goodman Fielder, and Fonterra all work hard to ensure Kiwis have a lot of choice for breakfast.

The HSC’s breakfast promotion will run in selected Countdown supermarkets from 6 February.

More information on the HSC campaign is available at www.breakfast-eaters.org.nz