Border security moves good news

Press Release 27/9/12

Moves to streamline New Zealand’s border security services are good news for importers, exporters, and the country, says Food & Grocery Council CEO Katherine Rich.

The Ministry for Primary Industries this week announced a five-year plan to develop a Joint Border Management System between Customs and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“This system promises to deliver significant benefits to companies whose products cross the border, with resulting benefits for consumers and the country,” Mrs Rich says.

“At present, something like $90 billion worth of imports and exports cross our border, and with that expected to increase by an average 4 per cent a year over the next five years, it’s essential our systems are efficient and safe. Food and grocery products make up a large
proportion of that, last year contributing $26 billion, or 56 per cent, of total merchandise exports.

“Having a one-stop-shop of border services will result in significant financial benefits for importers and exporters by speeding the flow of low-risk goods across the border and by reducing compliance and other regulatory costs.

“There’s no doubt that to ensure our businesses remain competitive our compliance burdens need to be reduced.

“This plan will streamline border services and make trade easier.

“It’s vital also that border protection is not compromised. Biosecurity risks must be managed at the border, and this system promises that.”