Banning sugary drinks in council buildings – FGC media response

11 March 2015

The Otago Daily Times asked FGC for reaction to a proposed trial by Dunedin City Council to ban sugary drinks in council buildings, including Moana Pool and Forsyth Barr Stadium. This followed a presentation to the council by public health professionals.

Katherine Rich’s comments (which the Herald did not publish) were:

“The suggestion that sugary drinks would be banned in council buildings, including at Moana Pool and Forsyth Barr Stadium, doesn’t follow much logic.

They are talking about banning sugar in the form of fruit juice and carbonated drinks, while selling it in a solid form through ice creams and chocolates. Surely, this has to be a discussion about moderation in all things.

Like many mothers who love to take their children to Moana Pool, it’s a treat for my children to have a snack or drink after a day of swimming.”

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