Veronique Cremades: Helping consumers understand choices

26 April 2016

The food industry is built on trust and it’s up to companies to make sure their consumers understand what they are buying, says the New Zealand Country Manager for Nestlé, Veronique Cremades.

In the third video of the FGC Leaders Series, Mrs Cremades says consumers buy brands on trust so it’s very important for companies to create a constructive and informative dialogue with consumers.

“That’s why we at Nestlé are very excited about the launch of the Health Star Rating system that is providing in a very simple fashion more information for the consumer to basically choose the right food for them and their family.

“This system is fantastic because in the blink [of an eye] you can understand what the better choice on the shelf is for you.

“I’m pretty excited to see that consumers will be able to shop by the stars and understand the value proposition that is on the market for them and make the right choice for better nutrition.”

Mrs Cremades is the new Chair of FGC and is the former Chair of its Health & Technical Working Group.

She says food science is evolving, and the food industry is adjusting its product design to make sure there is always a nutritious offering available on the market.

She says Nestlé believes that food is way beyond just good nutrition, which is why its ‘Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé’ campaign is about happiness and wellness and health beyond food.

“It’s about active lifestyles, exercising, networking, and good sleep. It starts with nutrition, because when your body functions well everything is well in your life. But it’s beyond nutrition. We believe wellness is the key, so we believe it‘s all about health and wellness.”

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says the Leaders Series is designed to expose other member companies to the insights and ideas of some of the great leaders and thinkers within FGC.

“In this series they talk about all manner of things that affect their business – from health & wellness and sustainability, to talent retention and workplace safety, as well as their philosophies and views on the business climate and latest trends.

“Veronique’s comments as a senior CEO in the food industry are timely and important. Leading the New Zealand Choose Wellness project, which has focused on providing more consumer information, reformulating food products and presenting information on appropriate portion sizes, Nestlé demonstrates again why it’s such a respected global leader in health and wellness. 

In the series so far, Geoff Shaw of Saturn Group has talked about training up the right talent for senior roles, and Sharna Heinjus of Kimberly-Clark has talked about sustainability.


Watch Veronique Cremades here