FGC member obesity initiatives

22 March 2013

hf2FGC and its member companies are committed to being strongly supportive of encouraging healthy lifestyles and reducing harm in the community. As such, many companies have launched initiatives or joined with others or non-government organisations such as the Heart Foundation.

Of particular note are the many programmes introduced into schools, where companies provide breakfasts for pupils who are starting the day hungry. Other programmes offer courses and information on how to prepare healthy meals or to just make healthier food choices. In addition to this, many companies have reformulation programmes across a wide range of popular products which have removed, and continue to remove, many hundreds of tonnes of salt, fat, and sugar from a wide range of products each and every year.

Below are just some of the initiatives that FGC and members companies are involved in to promote healthier lifestyles and reduce harm in the community.

Healthy Eating Initiatives