12 July 2016

Health and wellness is the top priority for snack company Griffins when it comes to both the staff it employs and the products it sells, as CEO Alison Barrass explains in the latest FGC Leaders Series video.

“I think it’s incredibly important from a cultural point of view that organisations find ways to support people working for them to live a balanced life – to find time for family, for leisure, for health and fitness, as well as for work.

“So within Griffins we’re working on opportunities to increase flexible working, both in terms of location and in terms of hours, and to support people to achieve all the things they want to achieve in the time that they’re working with us.”

This health and wellness philosophy is also evident in the products Griffins makes.

“We are in the snack foods industry and we’re very conscious of the fact that our products are not products that should be eaten at meal times. They’re treats that are to be eaten infrequently and if treated that way then they’re great products to have as part of a family portfolio.”

She says it’s incumbent on them to make sure they produce a range of options that provide significant health benefits for people, “and we are working actively to ensure that our product portfolio offers lower-sugar solutions, low-salt solutions, and health-plus solutions where we include more broader nutritional ingredients to meet consumers’ demands for really for good nutrition in the food that they eat.”

She cites the Snap 'n' Play low-sugar products under their Cookie Bear brand as an example.

“They still contain all the elements of fun and treat that people love and expect from Cookie Bear but they offer a better-based biscuit from a health point of view than a lot of the other products that are available on the market.”

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says the Leaders Series videos continue to enable insights and ideas to be swapped around the industry.

“It’s a great way of sharing information, and in this video, Alison shows that the idea of balance that she and her team are applying to their staff can also be applied to their products, and that’s a great business philosophy.”

Speakers in the FGC Leaders Series so far have been Geoff Shaw on training up talent for senior roles, Sharna Heinjus on sustainability, Veronique Cremades on health and wellness, Gerry Lynch on health and safety, Kelly Smith on talent and retention, Pic Picot on environmental sustainability, Mark Callaghan on health and wellness, Alison Barrass on health and safety, Craig Cotton on health and safety leadership, Lindsay Mouat on advertising to children, Hamish Marr and Kevin O'Shannessey on talent and retention, and Len Croudis on food safety leadership.                                                                                                

You can view Alison Barrass’s video here.