FMCG business leaders share intel and ideas

21 March 2016

Sharing business intelligence and some of the ideas that make FMCG businesses successful is the aim of a new series of videos launched by FGC.

Chief Executive Katherine Rich says there are some great leaders and thinkers within the FGC membership and idea behind the videos is to have them sharing some of their insights.

“At the last conference we invited some senior leaders in our industry to share a few thoughts on a range of topical issues such as health and wellness, sustainability, talent retention and workplace safety, as well as their philosophies, their views on the business climate and latest trends in our industry.

“The aim of each short video is to provide FGC members with ideas to apply to their business.”  

The first video of the FMCG Leader Series features Geoff Shaw of Saturn Group.  Geoff is one of New Zealand’s most experienced recruiters, having been in executive recruitment since 1986.

In ‘Why Work in FMCG?’, he talks about the importance of making sure companies are training up the right talent for senior roles, and also the great career that FMCG can provide young people.

He says those with “emotional intelligence” and better-than-average number and analytic skills will be successful in the industry: “If they don’t have that, even if they’re the most creative marketer around, they won’t survive in FMCG marketing because they’ve got to be able to make the numbers work.”

Geoff stresses the importance of companies keeping up spending on training and development that is critical in retention “because it’s a lot easier to train people than it is to recruit them”. He also talks about the importance of graduates in companies’ succession planning.

You can view the video on FGC’s YouTube channel here.

FGC’s second video will feature Kimberly-Clark’s General Manager, Sharna Heinjus, who will be talking about sustainability.