Food standards and additives - putting the record straight

19 September 2014

An article in the NZ Herald by Wendyl Nissen claims FGC had run a campaign earlier this year to discredit her. The problem was that like many of her columns, this article contained errors.

She said, “Earlier this year I was on the receiving end of a concerted effort, including legal letters, to get me discredited through my bosses at the Herald. The person behind this was Katherine Rich”.  This was completely untrue and the Herald now accepts this. However, rather than offer an apology, the story has been amended online to refer to a completely different personal anecdote from last year and the year before that. It now reads “In 2012 and last year I was on the receiving end of several complaints, including a Press Council complaint questioning my work and findings to my bosses at the Herald”.

So the so-called “campaign to discredit” her was merely FGC writing to the Herald in an attempt to have mistakes about members’ products put right.

One of those complaints related to an article which had more than 70 errors of fact in it and which the Herald acknowledged was “outdated and incorrect information” sourced from Wendyl Nissen’s book. The Herald eventually published two large sets of corrections, one of which can be viewed below.  

Also below is FGC’s full account of the latest issue, and a copy of our Press Council complaints.

FGC's response to latest claims

70 errors of fact

Press Council complaint 1

Press Council complaint 2