FGC Comments: Health Star Rating

FGC comments on the Health Star Rating scheme:

  • The system has not been developed for fresh fruit and vegetables which New Zealanders already know are healthy.
  • If someone needs a Health Star Rating on carrots and apples to tell them they are a healthy choice there is a more serious educational issue that labelling can’t fix.
  • The system is one of the most credible labelling systems used around the world.
  • It is a pragmatic, easy-to-interpret system that’s backed by government, the Ministry of Health, the food industry and public health groups.
  • Consumers can see at a glance exactly what’s in a product, while the introduction of HSR is furthering the extensive work in the industry to remove sugar, salt and fat so they can achieve even higher star ratings to better help shoppers make healthier choices.
  • The whole point of HSR is to help people make healthier choices when comparing foods within the same category.