Consumers want moderate alcohol stance, says DB

22 August 2016

Advocating moderate alcohol consumption is an extremely important part of DB Breweries’ response to what its consumer are saying they want, says Managing Director Andy Routley.

In a video interview with FGC for its Leaders Series, he says the main consumer trends influencing their business are an increasing consumer awareness of wellness, and drinking moderately.

“Increasingly what consumers are telling us through their behaviours and our conversations is that they just want to take more care in what they drink, and they’re more aware of the impact of different lifestyle choices in terms of how they live their life.

“Advocating moderate alcohol consumption is extremely important for us.

“For some, it might seem counter-intuitive that you have a beer business so proactively advocating for responsible consumption, but for us it is just good commercial common sense and doing the right thing in this market.

“It’s important because we would rather have more people drinking a little than a few people drinking a lot, and because again it plays to big consumer trends out there around health and wellbeing – people taking more care about what they drink – and we want to be at the very forefront of this moderate alcohol consumption drive.”

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says DB’s promotion of moderate alcohol consumption is a great example of an influential company doing the right thing by consumers.

“The FMCG industry is filled with companies like DB that are developing products in a responsible way, with consumers’ health and wellness top of mind. DB is to be applauded for this approach.”

View Andy Routley’s interview on FGC’s YouTube channel