The food industry is now producing 2003 products with Health Star Rating logos.

The milestone was reached during the first quarter of the year and is a sharp jump from the 1891 products at 31 December last year, and 1744 at 30 September.

That’s just industry products. If the private label products of Countdown and Foodstuffs are added there are now more than 3750 products with the Health Star logos on supermarket shelves.

FGC Chief Executive Katherine Rich says adding 112 new products to the ratings scheme in the past three months, and 259 in the past six months, is a perfect example of how committed the industry is to offering consumers healthier food choices.

“These numbers continue the strong upward trend evident since the scheme was introduced. Consumers now have more choice and can compare products in the same categories much more easily than ever before.

“But there’s still work to do, and food companies are committed to continuing to reformulate products to add to the health stars list.”

FGC members that have committed to the scheme are:

Arnott’s Biscuits Australia, Griffin’s, Coca-Cola, Delmaine, Fonterra, Emerald, Frucor Suntory, Harraways, Heinz Wattie’s, Hellers, Kellogg, Leader Products, Sanitarium, Lion, McCain, Nestlé, Pic’s, Pitango, Prolife, Sealord, Shore Mariner, Smartfoods, Tasti, Tegel, Blue Frog, Unilever and Vitaco Health.

For more on the Health Star Rating scheme, go to the Healthier NZers section of this website.