FGC Healthier New Zealanders Initiative

NZFGC member companies undertake a demonstrable and genuine commitment to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders

NZFGC is actively engaged in promoting and supporting the work by members to deliver health & wellness across the New Zealand population. Many of the programmes are part of broader efforts to address rising rates of non‑communicable diseases in New Zealand, such as obesity.

NZFGC recognises there are many factors involved in the development and management of non‑communicable diseases, and that there are many stakeholders with a role to play in improving the situation. The food industry, as the manufacturer and marketer of much of the food supply, is one such stakeholder. NZFGC confirms this in its Healthy Kids Pledge on the Ministry of Health website and in its first-year report (to Dec 2017) on the pledge. But health & wellness is not exclusive to food companies. While many food companies in New Zealand have responded to the call for improved food formulations, investment in skills development, and promotion of healthy foods and lifestyles, all companies have a stake in health & wellness.”


The NZFGC Healthier New Zealanders Initiative is being progressed within a framework that is strategically aligned with the Health & Wellness Pillar of the International Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). It's focused on NZFGC members in the first instance.

Themes in the NZFGC Healthier New Zealanders framework:

1. Employee Health & Wellness

2. Company Nutrition Policies & Product Formulation

3. Product labelling, Consumer Information & Education

4. Marketing to children

5. Community programmes

Employee Health & Wellness

In actively engaging in the promotion and support of the work by members to deliver health & wellness across the New Zealand population, NZFGC member companies start their health & wellness programmes ‘at home’ by implementing employee health & wellness programmes.

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Company Nutrition Policies & Product Formulation

FGC member companies aim to offer consumers and shoppers a range of products and services that support the goals of healthier diets and lifestyles through a number of different initiatives. This includes making nutrition policies public, undertaking product formulation and/or reformulations to ensure that the composition of product portfolios evolve with the scientific evidence that support national and international dietary recommendations, working on serve sizes, and labelling (see separate page).

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Product labelling, Consumer Information & Education

Our members want to provide consumers with the choice and information that empowers them to make decisions for a healthy life. We accept the importance of clarity, transparency and fact‑based information. The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code provides the regulatory framework for delivering a whole range of information.

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Marketing to children

FGC and member companies submitted on the 2016 review of the Advertising Standards Authority codes of marketing on food and to children.

The new Children and Young People’s Advertising Code is in full effect on 2 October 2017.

NZFGC also signed up to the Healthy Kids Industry Pledge.

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Community Programmes

FGC members join with communities across New Zealand in many programmes and activities in order to deliver a positive impact and leverage industry skills, knowledge and resources to help New Zealanders live healthier lives.

We are also keen to share our successes and promote the scaling up of programmes that bring communities together and to help inspire healthier communities and create a culture of prevention. In these we can show genuine industry leadership and offer an opportunity for positive change.

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International Industry Developments on Health and Wellness

Links to international developments

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